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Our General Insurance practice excels in the three key areas listed below when considering insurance business, during our Process to Profitability (P2P):

  • Accurate Pricing
  • Informed Underwriting
  • Capable Claims Management

Our P2P considers and empowers Management in all these areas.

Our services include:

Financial Condition Reporting

We are very experienced in preparing FCRs – whether a client’s regulator prefers Solvency I or II style reports, we deliver within scope, on time and to budget.

We prepare our reports for two FCR audiences:

  • Technical. We ensure all regulatory and actuarial professional standards are met, and are shown to be met. This minimises questions and gives comfort to the regulator that Management addresses its responsibilities competently and thoroughly.
  • Informational. We ensure internal and external non-technical audiences can read and understand our reports and that the format is pleasing. This gives auditors and shareholders comfort that Management is using competent advisers and that material issues are addressed.

Rating & Pricing

It is in pricing where our P2P makes a fundamental difference to a company’s fortunes; all companies using Lux for their motor and medical pricing are growing profitably. The reason is simple; our bespoke solutions have put our clients years ahead of their competitors in writing profitable niches and avoiding loss-making ones.

Selling profitable business, or understanding when to sell loss-making business as a loss-leader, underlies the P2P. Profitable business allows adequate reserves and margin for supporting new products and markets, marketing and expansion.

From very simple techniques, to sophisticated GLM and Data Analytics models, we tailor a solution to your situation, with the goal of empowering the Underwriter to sell profitable business within the desired risk framework.

Capital Modelling

We have significant experience in working with various non-life companies on their internal capital modelling. As regulatory regimes shift towards risk based capital and Solvency II approaches, we work with our clients to offer practical and cost effective solutions to the significant challenges they face. The range of projects that we have been involved in covers the full spectrum of capital modelling, including (but not limited to):

  • Model design
  • Model build and parameterisation
  • Result production, stochastic simulation and analysis
  • Reporting
  • Capital projections

Asset-Liability Matching and Management

Liability-Driven Investment (LDI) approaches allow companies to maximise returns within well understood and applied risk frameworks. We provide ALM and LDI advice to our clients that enable them, by taking into account regulatory constraints, prevailing market asset information and the nature of their liabilities, to manage effectively and efficiently their balance sheet. The main aims of an ALM strategy would be to:

  • Maximise available capital, e.g. by hedging to an optimum extent the time-value of options and guarantees
  • Minimise solvency capital requirement, e.g. match assets and liabilities where possible to reduce their deviation in adverse scenarios and hence minimise economic capital requirement
  • Minimise profit & loss volatility, e.g. without a balanced ALM strategy the fair value balance sheet will be quite volatile, with material impact on profit & loss


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