Recent Projects

We deliver quality Actuarial analysis and reports, on scope, within time.

Here we set out examples of clients’ needs, what products and solutions we created and how they benefited the client. Not all work is necessarily exciting or breaking new ground but for every client, the results they achieve are just as important to us as they are to them.

We try to reflect a couple of rote type projects, and also some that are more out of the ordinary. We engage and deliver to our fullest abilities on all our work.  That is how we give our clients an edge, how we help them improve their bottom line and how we ensure they use us again, and again – and again!

More than just Actuarial

Data Analytics

New views and insights on Data. Cubing and Analytics, at your fingertips. Slice the data any way you like, think of it in new ways and from new perspectives, and different dimensions, using cutting-edge technology.

Interactive models

Cloud based, interactive, remote models. We present your data in understandable and impressive ways, whether you need to make a sale, or convince the Board - we help you make your case.

Ask the unusual

We might give new perspectives and answers to your questions. Ask us an unusual question - perhaps we can derive an interesting answer from your data combined with our insight and experience.