IFRS 9, Credit & Collection Analytics

IFRS 9, Credit & Collection Analytics


Your Service Professionals

Kathya Ledesma (Mexico) and Ernest Louw (GCC and Europe) are intimately involved in the Credit Rating and Collections Strategies service offering at Lux.

Scoring Models

A quantitative process that ranks customers in terms of the likelihood of occurrence of a specific event. Scorecards, combined with other business strategies such as expected approval rates, profit, collection and losses, are used as a basis for the decision-making.

Loyalty Strategies

These strategies assist to identify the most profitable clients and develop a strategy to encourage their loyalty and maximize their activities with the organization.

Policies Documentation

We design robust policies, which allow companies to take stronger control of the approval of loans process, setting minimum requirements such as income and credit bureau ranking. These policies form a critical component of companies’ internal control processes for regulatory compliance.

Collection, or ‘Champion and Challenge’ Strategies

We help companies achieve target levels of collection success in terms of both profits and costs incurred. We design collection initiatives that improve profitability, service and cash collected whilst reducing operational costs. In addition, these strategies identify clients by their probability of default and test alternative collection treatments.

Payment Solutions

We help to reduce companies’ losses by designing customized payment solutions for their clients, for example loan restructuring products or settlement agreements.

Portfolio Sale

We develop a selling strategy to identify and evaluate a segment of a portfolio and propose a selling price according to desired objectives.